IV Therapy

Infusion & Injection Services

Infusion & Injection Services

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IV Hydration is not new. If you ever been in the hospitalized you probably already experienced this. IV hydration is a simple treatment …
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$79.00 -30-45 min

Myers Avenue

     The Myers' Way (Cocktail) is an intravenous (IV) nutrient mixture that was developed by John Myers, a physician who practiced in …
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$169.00 -30-45 min

Hangover Loop

     After a night of heavy drinking, many people wake up feeling awful the next morning. This unpleasant experience is commonly known as …
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$169.00 -35-45 min

Immunity Boost Circle

       During the winter season with it comes the dreaded cold and flu. Many people suffer from these ailments each year, but don’t always …
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$189.00 -30 -45 min

Beauty Boulevard

     In a world where appearance is everything, people go to great lengths to achieve perfect skin. From expensive creams and serums, to …
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$189.00 -30-45 min

Energy Way

Feeling drained? Want to fight fatigue? You can't seem to get back to your normal state of energy no matter how much you sleep? Energy Way …
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$179.00 -30-45 min

Migraine Way

Imagine a throbbing, intense headache that feels like someone is pounding a drum inside your head. Now imagine that the pain is so severe …
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$169.00 - 30-45 min

Detox Parkway

We all love to start fresh. Detox is like getting rid of all the junk in your system. It's a way to cleanse your body and start fresh. 
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$189.00 - 30-45 min

Postpartum Boulevard

For mothers seeking replenishment after labor- related blood/fluid loss or looking to boost breast milk production, and women experiencing …
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$169.00 30-45 min


If you are low on energy and just need a quick boost of energy Vitamin B12 injection helps with energy, mood, bone density, immunity, and …
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$35.00 - 5 min