RN - Co Owner

Tamara Campo

Tamara (affectionately known as Tammi) was born on St. Croix, USVI, but has lived in North Carolina for most of her life.    She has always been passionate for caring for others,  and decided early on that she wanted to be in healthcare.   Tammi obtained a Bachelors of Science in Biology at Howard University,  but later decided nursing was what she wanted.   She received her BSN in 2006 from North Carolina Central University and began working as a perioperative nurse.   While working as a travel nurse, she earned a dual master's degree: MSN/MBA which gave her the knowledge and confidence to become an entrepreneur.    

Tammi saw the benefits of natural remedies and vitamins first hand when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Utilizing these remedies helped to stabilize the disease and she is able to live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.   She loves traveling,  being with friends and family,  reading,  working out and trying new things, especially restaurants.

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